ok peeps! brides to be out there! yeay! finally the blog is ready =D we ar moving from https://newlywedsbigday.wordpress.com/ to http://newlywedsbigday.blogspot.com/…. hehehe so semua bride to be yg ade blog di luar sana! jom follow kitorg! ♥ ♥ ♥ more wedding updates soon!

credited to : Alpha Photography & FARID NFL

Alhamdulillah and we thanked to God for the succesful wedding of Nora and Deno.. =D
both of them came to us wishing to have an english decos for thei wedding. some sort of vintage touch on their weddings, but still the malay traditions is there but yet they want is simple. =D

syukur.. me and our team manage to get it done for nora and deno!

this is part of the vintage touch that we have on their photobooth

hall decos and centrepieces for guest tables. =D

the dress by our great designer Unaisah Azlan from Studio Twenty Six

handbouquet from us at Newlywedsbigday =D

anddd the photobooth decorations!

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been inspired by lots of the decos ideas from the west touch! overwhelming by all the superb imagination that they brought to the real celebration.. and here it is. =D the pink deco touch at ain’s wedding. photos credited to the OP: fotokahwin =D

pink deco

pink decos

hey there! thank god we’ve just finished the wedding works for Ain & Farid in simang renggam! everything was awesome! =D this is for farid’s side who are requesting for a traditional red/maroon dais theme..=D so here it is! enjoy!

red pelamin

and the handbouquet!=D